Friday, July 27, 2012

The Sixth Key by Sue Perkins

Tami has kindly given me some time on her new blog to talk about my new release "The Sixth Key". Thank you Tami.
I'm quite excited about this book as it's the first adult fantasy romance I've written since my Sky Castles Trilogy. I love building new worlds and making the characters who live there a little bit different. In this book the ruling class of the low technology, magical planet of Sacral have psychic abilities, mainly telepathy.

I wondered what would happen if a non-telepath came into their midst, but then thought there would always be the odd one or two people who were born non-telepaths. Considered inferior citizens and shunned, eventually they were banished to the forest where they set up their own community.

A news report of a minor accident due to rain, clicked everything into place and I got the rough fuzzy idea for The Sixth Key.

Riley, from Earth, gets knocked down and wakes up on Sacral. Here she finds her ex-boyfriend is the heir to the throne and he wants to continue with their relationship, but he seems different. She doesn't like the telepaths attitude toward the non-telepaths especially as she doesn't have the ability to mind talk. When she finds the Riddle of the Keys she questions whether there is an impostor on the throne. To save herself and the world of Sacral, Riley sets out to solve the Riddle.

Please enjoy this excerpt:
           A cold drizzle fell on Riley as she left home on Monday morning. The weather matched her mood. Another weekend wasted waiting for Jothur to contact her.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He's gone Riley. Left without a word. He's probably taken up with some fancy woman in another town.

Head down, she pushed her way through the crowds, heading for the bus stop. Riley didn't pay any attention to those around her. Her thoughts were fixed on her time with Jothur.

They met at a party. A casual friend asked her to be nice to the stranger who had only recently arrived in town and didn't know anyone. Riley clutched her drink tightly and gazed unbelievingly at the tall, blond, handsome man. His smile made her insides melt, and when he spoke, the liquid tones of his voice flowed over her as molten chocolate.

Desperate to keep his attention, she offered to show him the around the town. Jothur accepted, and for several weeks they were inseparable. Riley couldn't help herself. She'd fallen hard for this gorgeous man. Did he feel the same way? Of course he did. Her guess proved correct when he talked about their future together. The day after they'd discussed this -- he disappeared.

No explanations. No note. No phone call. Riley's worries surfaced when he didn't turn up for their next date. To make sure nothing had happened to him, she'd grabbed her jacket and opened the front door before realizing she had no idea where Jothur lived. He'd always been pretty vague about his address, but at the time Riley hadn't thought anything of it.

Days passed. None of her crowd knew where Jothur lived either. Her misery increased. This had been her fourth weekend alone and she had to accept Jothur had left with no intention of coming back. It didn't mean she had to like it though.

The drizzle turned into a downpour. Raindrops bounced off the black road surface, but through the noise she could hear a bus approaching.

Great. Miss this one and she'd be late for work. She dashed out into the road, head down, trying to keep the rain from her face. A horn blared and brakes squealed. Riley stopped. Her head jerked up to see a huge yellow truck bearing down on her. The driver's horrified face filled her vision before everything went dark.

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  1. What an intriguing start! Good luck with the release of 'The Sixth Key'.

  2. Thanks Marie, this was the first thought I had about this book and it developed into the prologue.