Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Immortality ain't what it's cracked up to be

I'm here at Tami Dee's blog today to discussion the history of the immortal race in my SFR series "The Telomere Trilogy".

"They thought they were Gods. So much so, they named their planet for God and God set them straight as he is apt to do once in a while."

A quote from Merchant Marine Captain Noah Bonney in Revelations of Tomorrow (The Telomere Trilogy, #1). She was talking about her own race's founders. Considering the state of her people, the Telomere, I'd say it was an apt comment.

When the founding scientists began their immortality and human creation quest they were under fire from the Imperial's ethics council, so packed up and relocated to the outer reaches of the civilized galaxy, in the Cygni Solar System and the planet of Ngai. Here they created to their hearts content and built up the Telomere civilization that would eventually populate most of the Cygni system's planets, satellites, and space stations.

Telomeres were genetic embodiments of their creator's idea of perfection. Healthy and tall, they are easy to identify by their silver hair, pale blue eyes, and pale white skin that glows under stress or heightened emotional situations.

To ensure the utopia they strived for, the founders genetically "mated" each telomere to another. This mating was a chemical reaction to their "soul mate" that would ensure they desired each other.

What could go wrong?

What they didn't factor in? That there really was a higher power and they are ultimate holder of souls. So, even though the Telomere were created by man, the God bestowed upon them souls. But souls aren't meant to be tethered in a body forever. They are transient essences that are on journeys of their own.

Unfortunately for the Telomere, when their race became about 150 or so years old, the souls left the body and what remained was nothing more than the evil part of humanity the soul struggled to overcome as part of their larger journey. This period of Telomere history became known as Soul Death and caused a physical change in the eyes of those affected. (I took "the window to the soul" literally here.)

To combat the evil, the Kikuyu Kingdom dispatch Watchers to kill those Telomere who'd lost their soul. Once the situation was under control, they reassigned the Watchers to follow a single telomere until their soul death and only then to kill them.

That was what Noah was raised in, the height of Soul Death. Now over 450 years old, she is the oldest Telomere and the only one to survive past the 200-year record of keeping their soul. Why, she's not sure. All she knows is she's tired and dreams of death.

The Telomere Trilogy goes through her mission to end eternity and stop a galactic level threat... the resurgence of her people.

Interested in learning more? Why not click on one of the links for Revelations of Tomorrow (The Telomere Trilogy, #1) to get started on the series!

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  1. Welcome to the Grapevine, Amber! Your series sounds fascinating .

  2. Thank you so much for having me by today Tami!

  3. I love the creativity of this whole premise. Other authors have played with the idea of immortality, but never like this. What an original idea.

  4. Thanks Allie! I'd hoped it'd work and readers seem to like the premise.