Monday, July 9, 2012

The Baringup Dynasty and Pearl of the Rising Sun by Bruce Cooke

For those who are about to start a writing career I would like to pass on some advice that I have discovered after many failures and a few triumphs. I have nineteen books published with five publishers, but most are with Desert Breeze and Eternal press. 

No one wants to read about goodie goodie heroes, they want to read about characters. People all have flaws including me, so I have found its best to write about people who have faced the problems of life in one way or the other. Never make your hero flawless.  Two of my books are with both Desert Breeze and Eternal Press.

The Baringup Dynasty

 The Desert Breeze book is titled The Baringup Dynasty and has received excellent reviews. It's a saga of two people during the early part of the twentieth century.  Danny Stevens has faced the horrors of Gallipoli, lost his best friend, lost his family and lost his lover.  He heads to outback Australia to find peace and contentment. Jonathon Bailey escaped from an orphanage with his brothers after his parents die.  He finds himself in the outback where he begins to build a large sheep and cattle station.

When they meet they join forces to fight some criminals who have taken someone who is dear to them both. Robbie Bailey, Jonathon's daughter and Danny's hope of a future is faced with death and her only hope is for both Danny and Jonathon to save her.

Pearl of the Rising Sun

The other book is titled Pearl of the Rising Sun. with Eternal Press due out on August 1st. An Australian fisherman, Tom Macadam falls in love with a Japanese pearl diver, Ticki Takashi in Broome Australia just prior to Japan's entry into the war.  They face a clash of cultures-especially when the girl is contracted to wed a man she has never met.  She escapes with Tom and defies her father, but when war breaks out she has become an alien. It is a story of enduring love, war, internment, escape and reunion. It covers the early history of Broome as the pearl industry of Australia develops.

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  1. Both your books sound wonderful, Bruce! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and talking about your books.

  2. Jennifer (JC Page)July 11, 2012 at 9:28 PM

    Bruce, loved your interview! Flaws, yes, we all have them and I liked your approach. Good sound advice...I am new to fiction writing, with some years writing non-fiction. Glad I stopped by, thank-you Tami,

  3. So happy you stopped by, Jennifer! Visit anytime!!!