Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everglades by Petie McCarty

I just finished reading Everglades and I have to tell you all, I have now found a new author to follow. This story is top notch. Action, adventure, clean romance, and in dept lessons about the everglades that came across so seamlessly within the story it amazed me the information I picked up. Petie put her vast knowledge about the everglades, air boats, ecology and so much more, into this story in such a way, I 'learned' without ever feeling like I was being 'taught'.

This story is a must read. Skye and Kayli, the supporting cast... every detail... brought this story to life.

I adored the unexpected 'mystery' twist at the end, I did not see it coming and it added a whole new layer to the already engaging story.

I will think about Everglades for a long time to come.

I did not want this book to end, but when it did come to a close, I was deeply moved and satisfied.


  1. Your blog looks great, Sweetie, and I love the theme - the grapevine. Perfect for you! I agree - Petie's book is a great read. I'll have a review posted shortly, too.


  2. Hurray! Thanks for stoping by!